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200 + Construction Contents

1000 + Dollars Earned

How it Works?



Record a video of yourself teaching construction methods  & procedures



Submit your created video & wait for approval



Once Approved, your video gets published automatically and you start earning

What's the Eligibility for becoming a Tutor?

Your content should be related to Construction Industry Only

You are required to create contents (videos/podcast/blogs) of local norms, procedures and methodology from only Construction Industry. The Content can be related to Civil and or Structural and or Architectural and or Electrical and or Plumbing and or Mechanical and or Health / Safety backgrounds

You Should Own Your Content

By Submitting your video to us means that you owns complete responsibility of its copyright. Any claim against the same could eventually may result in blockage of your account. 

You Should be an Adult

To receive your payments from our platform, you need to be above the age of 18 years or the minimum age prescribed as per your local law of land.

How much will Tutors Earn?

  • For every 50 watch hours of videos, Tutor earns 10 dollars every month. 

  • For every 100 listened hours of podcasts, Tutor earns 5 dollars every month

  • For every blog posts with more than 2000 views. Tutor earns 2 dollars every month

Yes You read it right, the more contents are being watched / listened to / read, the more passive income can earned as Tutor


Why Only Construction?

Construction is believed to be one of the most Complex Industry around the world. By creating a Knowledge base, the insights of the industry could be shared to the world which in turn would help them understand the industry in a much more efficient & easy way

Students Referral Scheme

If you are a Student and Passionate Content Creator too, who loves to dig deep into construction norms and insights, then this is for you

First Subscribe to Student Account

After verification of the documents submitted and on receipt of one time joining fees of 100$, You will be given access to your Students Account

Refer Your Friends & Earn

For every 3 students you bring in, you will earn 10$ back as cash as commission for an entire year from the date of joining the platform

Publish the Created Contents

From your Student Account, you can further publish the created contents (video / podcasts / blogs) related to construction industry and earn extra income same as other tutors on platform

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